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Pot fillers have become a favorite tool of efficiency in the kitchen, but their traditional wall-mounted status can be somewhat limiting. Kohler makes the pot filler even more convenient with its deck-mount HiRise style, ideal for the kitchen island or remodeling projects. The deck-mount design has an overall reach of 24 inches and retracts from the immediate cooking space when you’re done with it. Available in brushed chrome or brushed nickel finishes. 

Ferguson, 36-283 Plaza Drive, Cathedral City. 328-6581   

After years of success on the commercial front, kitchen-equipment manufacturer Julien decided to expand into the home market.
The result is its Home Refinements Collection, which includes the UrbanEdge line of stainless steel sinks. Seventeen models are available, including undermount, farmhouse, worktop, and kitchen island sinks (pictured). Thoughtful details, such as 10-inch bowl depth and wide back ledge, make this sink an ideal choice for modern cooks and their kitchens.

Standards of Excellence, 75-105 Merle, Palm Desert. 568-9300

The term “designer kitchen” gets thrown around a little too easily these days. Now, say that you have a designer kitchen and mean it with the new Elica Collection of ventilation hoods from Zephyr. Created by David Lewis, a much-awarded designer for Bang & Olufsen, the hoods look like anything but … well, hoods. The sleek Concave model (pictured), made of stainless steel and aluminum, works like a charm; the halogen light, remote control, and silencer are but a few of the high-tech options.

BKE Supply, 82-860 Avenue 45, Indio. 347-6111


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