Indio’s Better Ice Cream Serves a Taste of Nostalgia

This hidden gem in Indio specializes in sweet treats that are perfect for summertime like old-fashioned lemonade and ice cream.

May 1, 2024
Story by Olga Reyes
Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich.

Growing up in Indio, there was one place where everyone stopped to get their old-fashioned ice cream and lemonades: Better Ice Cream. In operation for more than 55 years, the creamery was a staple at the former Indio Fashion Mall and is now located in North Indio.

Soft-serve ice cream.

Moms and dads would wait in long lines with their kids to place their orders, and it was always worth it. I remember seeing those smiles when the server handed them a chocolate-dipped cone or a specialty lemonade. One of my favorites is the Oreo cookie ice cream sandwich, filled with the flavor of your choice. Mind you, these aren’t small sizes. I also love the tall mixed soft-serve ice cream in a waffle cone. When they carefully hand it to you, they always ask if you want a cup in the event it falls. I’m audacious — no cup for me, thank you! They also make a large banana split that could feed a family of four.
The new location has plenty of seating. I still get excited seeing a family sitting around a table, awe-stricken as they get their delicious treats. Watching the kids’ eyes light up without knowing where to start always puts a smile on my face. Only because I know exactly what they’re feeling when I get mine.