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The GOLDEN Touch

The Golden Nugget architectural competition crowned Palm Springs’ new Alta development Home of the Year at the grand finale awards ceremony at Moscone Center in San Francisco. The development of 67 semi-custom homes had already won three Golden Nuggets: best single-family detached home from 3,601 to 4,000 square feet, best single-family detached home from 4,001 to 4,500 square feet, and detached residential project of the year. Architect Narendra Patel now has an even dozen Golden Nugget awards to his credit. Alta home prices start at $1.5 million.

It’s Unreal

"I don’t know any real people," says Elyse Del Francia-Goodwin, producer of numerous look-alike shows locally and in Las Vegas. Now she’s bringing nightlife back to the former Atlas and Muriel’s Supper Club in downtown Palm Springs. Copy Katz–Palm Springs! will present cocktail shows, dinner shows, and after-midnight shows, as well as brunches with Sonny & Cher

on Saturday and Sunday. The La Cage-styled signature show, Make BOYlieve!, stars Kenny Kerr and James Gypsy Haake. Del Francia-Goodwin hopes to open Nov. 5.

Stealing the Show

Look for sequined, beaded, satiny, colorful, and elaborate outfits from The Fabulous Palm Springs Follies at cocktail parties and other social gatherings this fall. After its 15th season, the Follies donated costumes from the Ziegfeld-esque revue to College of the Desert and Palm Springs High School theater departments. Those not needed by the schools were donated to Revivals, the thrift stores benefiting Desert AIDS Project. Costumes that originally cost several hundred to several thousands dollars could be had for $15 to $75!

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