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Art about You!
Artwork hardly gets more personal than a portrait of your DNA. DNA 11 takes your DNA sample (they send you a sample collection kit), puts it on a gel, photographs it, digitally enhances it, prints it on canvas, hand varnishes it, and ships the portrait to you in a tube. Company founders Adrian Salamunovic and Nazim Ahmed sign the back of the canvas as artists. DNA portraits start at $390 for an 18×24-inch canvas. Also available: fingerprint prints and backlit DNA portraits. (

Winter Wellness
Massage, facial, or body wrap? For those who have trouble deciding on a spa treatment, The Well at Miramonte Resort in Indian Wells has introduced Winter Wellness By Design. For $299, you can reserve 150 minutes with one therapist to mix and match services. It could be the perfect year-end gift, especially for those who find the holidays hectic.

The Butterfly Effect
Bob Friedman, a builder from Vancouver, was enjoying the pool at the Alexander house he was renting when he had “a light-bulb moment.” He loved the design enough to buy one of the midcentury modern classics, but didn’t want the headaches of a 50-year-old structure. So, he thought, why not build a new one? Rather than construct a replica, he tracked down William Krisel, the architect behind the original Alexander homes, and struck a deal whereby Krisel would update his designs and design the landscaping. The first house (the Butterfly design) at Camino Real and San Lorenzo is scheduled to be ready next month.

Holiday Dressing
Finding a party outfit could be much easier this holiday season. Shoppers looking for an elegant gown, shoes, and accessories can turn to Tommi Rose. Host of a weekly drag show at Toucans Tiki Lounge, Rose opened The Drag Bag (“The Emporium of Fabulosity for the Woman in all of us!”) on Sunny Dunes Road in Palm Springs, just east of Indian Canyon Drive. Once a fashion diva at the famed drag nightclub Finocchio’s in San Francisco, Rose knows more than a thing or two about glamour — and, of course, boas.

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