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James Pomerantz may have trouble booking a room in the Coachella Valley under his real name. The author of Tough Guys Always Play From the Tips: A Unisex Guide to Golf, Tough Guys and the Neutered Weenie Fraternity Created by Such an Insane Game claims golf and the decline of the “American Tough Guy” have a direct connection. “If they don’t, then can someone please explain plaid pants to anyone with an IQ above concrete?” he asks. Further, he says, while football has umpires, golfers “are perfectly content to skip a stroke, take a mulligan, move a lie, concede an easy putt and kick a ball out of the tall grass when no one is looking.” We’re thinking of writing our own book: Tough Guys — and Really, Who Needs Overinflated Macho Egos When You Can Carry Pepper Spray? — Can Take These Tips: A Guide to Wearing Whatever You Darn Well Please and Not Having to Tackle Your Opponent to Be a Man.

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