IRAWniQ Pulls No Punches as Singer, Single Gay Mom

Ready to hit the stage at Greater Palm Springs Pride after releasing music video with award-winning actress Tatum O'Neal

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With an artsy name that gives her a bit of an edge, iRAWniQ (pronounced “ironic”) has crafted her own identity and an alternative hip/hop music career to suit her, often, hectic lifestyle.

An openly gay, single mom, iRAWniQ works as a California Safety Aid with high school students while pursuing her passion for song.

iRAWniQ, born Carissa, is originally from Michigan and now resides in Los Angeles with her 6-year-old, Diago.

“I love to write and I love being with my son,” iRAWniQ  says. “I cherish that, I love people, and that’s why I work at the school. I love the innocence of children. Kids need all the help they can get and I’m very involved in school.”

Photo Courtesy of IRAwniQ

"I wouldn’t be embarrassed about what I say because it is legitimate," says IRAWniQ.

Her music is a separate part of her life, but equally with no excuses.

“I keep my music very private from my job just because I am an artist and don’t want to cross that line,” she says. “However, everything I do is about truth… I’m not a character. This is me. Some of my lyrics are edgy because I am edgy. I wouldn’t be embarrassed about what I say because it is legitimate. I am an adult with a more mature audience. I don’t make music for 10 years old and my messages are very positive.

iRAWniQ will perform at the Greater Palm Springs Pride “Block Party” Nov. 8, joining artists Amanda Lepore, Steed lord, Frank Musik, Purple Crush, and Lisa D’Amato from 6-11p.m. with a special performance by Big Dipper.

photo courtesy of irawniq

IRAWniQ's recent music video includes her 6-year-old son, Diago.

iRAWniQ's songs often speak to empowering women, socially, and politically as well as encouraging them to respect themselves. She’s worked with some amazing professionals including director extraordinaire, J.B. Ghuman, Jr. of RSA/Black Dog Films, to create her EP, No One Said It Would Be Easy and she recently released a video for single AlienPu$ with none other than Oscar winning actress Tatum O’Neal.

Her rap lyrics have evolved since her early days in a an electro-pop band and “tell a story with a deeper meaning. I’m in a place now that as a mature artist, my writing and rapping speaks to a message…it comes from roots of struggle but is expressed in alternative ways, either with music or the way you present it.”


The Greater Palm Springs Pride “Block Party,” presented by Hunters of Palm Springs, will take place Nov. 8 on Arenas Road. This is a free event for adults age 21 and over. Visit for additional information.

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