john crespy

John Crespy, AAMS®

Senior Vice President, Investments, Crespy Wealth Advisors of 
Raymond James.

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john crespy
For those intimidated by the investing process, John Crespy has a simple recommendation. “Just get started,” he says.

Meet John Crespy, financial advisor and impassioned advocate. As Senior Vice President, Investments at Crespy Wealth Advisors of Raymond James, he is dedicated to one thing: helping clients invest in their future.

“I enjoy teaching people how they can best reach their financial goals,” says Crespy. He takes a keen interest in helping young people in their 30s and 40s as well as more experienced investors.

Combining astute business acumen with the resources of a large international firm, Crespy has achieved substantial success. For those intimidated by the investing process, he has a simple recommendation. “Just get started,” he says.

Crespy explains, “It is never too late to invest in yourself and prepare for the future. Be regimented; whether it’s once a month or every pay period, you can invest consistently.” Crespy works with each client to develop a cohesive plan that will help them reach their individual financial goals. For clients just starting out, it’s a systematic investment plan. For established, wealthier clients, he says, “It’s about protecting principal, and creating revenue while minimizing taxes.”

A long-time desert resident, Crespy fell in love with the area when he arrived here 31 years ago. “It was so pristine and beautiful that I decided this is where I want to live.” He gardens, owns racehorses, and has enjoyed riding his own horses.

This sense of gratitude and optimism coupled with the success Crespy has helped his clients achieve, continues to inspire him to help others realize their life goals.