Joslyn Center Celebrates with Wine and All That Jazz

Susan Stein Current Digital, Social Scene

Keisha D performed during the Joslyn Center's annual Wine and All That Jazz dinner at Acqua California Bistro in Rancho Mirage.

Wine, an elegant gourmet dinner, music, and generosity were in perfect harmony as The Joslyn Center held their annual Wine and All That Jazz dinner at Acqua California Bistro, an event produced by Frank Goldstin’s Momentous.

Tables set with dark red candelabras lit the mood for a four-course dinner paired with exquisite Rombauer Wines. Soft jazz performed by Keisha D. further enhanced the mood of the event, which raised much-needed funds to support the programs of the Joslyn Center. The center has more than 2,000 members and provides vital services for seniors in the Cove Communities.

Sponsors included Patti and Jack Grundhofer, Steve Tobin and Johnny Krupa of the Grace Helen Spearman Foundation, Barry Kaufman and Margo Handelsman, Aurora Wilson, Desert Oasis Healthcare, Family Hospice Care, Beverly and John Fitzgerald, Leo and Sarah Milmet, and Acqua California Bistro.

The Joslyn Center
73750 Catalina Way
Palm Desert, CA 92260