Cancer astrological sign

June 2016 Horoscopes

Sherryl Nova Horoscope

Cancer astrological sign


June 21–July 22
Step out of that comfy curmudgeon mode; embrace the bouquet. Sibling-style relationships energize new beginnings. Build momentum for future improvements. Go outside to play. Feel the Joy.

July 23–Aug. 22
Networking succeeds more than ever. A friend of a friend solves a conundrum with an offhand remark. Share contacts willingly. A speculative venture offers input from a master. Hear it.

Aug. 23–Sept. 22
Dispirited? The issue is a celestial “homelessness.” Tackle a DIY project that improves the quality of home life. Then re-enter the world with new capabilities.

Sept. 23–Oct. 22
Yearning for distant places expands horizons when you are spontaneous. Like Diogenes with the lamp, search for a new truth. Be aware of the angels that talk with men and then are never seen again.

Oct. 23–Nov. 21
Your best advantages come from change. Be ruthless. A radical approach serves you well. Don’t look back. Realize that you have solid energy for new starts. Reborn, you will soar.

Nov. 22–Dec. 21
Recent alliances have much to offer. Apply and test new perceptions that come from other’s input. Don’t neglect details in the excitement of the big picture. Order is the secret weapon.

Dec. 22–Jan. 19
Time to delegate. Share the knowledge, mentor an acolyte or two, and grace their process with new expectations of their competence. Be sure.

Jan. 20–Feb. 18
Do not devalue spiritual strength now. A new, serene acceptance will create your miracle, without financial or mental struggle. “Let go and let God” is more than a cliché. Apply it and win.

Feb. 19–March 20
Your networking skills reward you with an opportunity to heal. Establish a quest for perfect information and a moment of illumination. You are lovingly supported by those you have helped.

March 21–April 19
Take the opportunity for a short, seemingly purposeless trip. A few miles bring perspective. Everyone has an opinion and you’ll hear them all. Be gracious, even while tuning out.

April 20–May 20
Embrace a recent expansive experience. Work pro bono to gain necessary exposure and competence. The background is your safe place. Wherever you restore order, your potential is strengthened.

May 21–June 20
Nurture a loved one with time and a meal. In this time of effective ministry your receptive nature is spot on with analysis. Core issues are apparent, cosmic laws will rectify wrongs. Awareness is serenity.


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