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Justin Eastzer, the YouTube gadget guru who’s creating a smart home in Palm Springs, dials up three ways to instantly upgrade 
your summer.

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sonos move speaker
The battery-powered Sonos Move Speaker allows up to 10 hours of continuous play by your pool or in the house.

Justin Eastzer can be seen on YouTube where he has created "The Ultimate Smart Home Series" featuring a smart home in Palm Springs with the latest in tech conveniences. Here are his three tips to upgrading your summer.

Music on the Go

“Made for the outdoors, the Sonos Move speaker is weatherproof and drop resistant, so it can be taken anywhere. It’s the first Sonos speaker with Bluetooth. The Move will also connect over home Wi-Fi and sync with Sonos’ entire line.”

Light Up the Night

“Spice up evenings in the hot tub with a splash of color from the Philips Hue Go. Prop this portable bowl of light and change colors using the app or its single button. The battery lasts from 3 to 18 hours, and you can also plug it in for unlimited battery life.”

Cover Your Tracks

“For summer fitness tracking, I recommend either the Fitbit Versa 2 or Charge 3 because they have a built-in heart rate monitor and are waterproof. I like Fitbit because they are simple, sleek watches that focus solely on fitness. You won’t get bogged down by extra features like with the Apple Watch.”


Catch Justin Eastzer's YouTube series from Palm Springs, The Ultimate Smart Home Series.