kelley ash

New Wave Remix

Kelley Ash and Chloe Chippendale bring back the era of big hair and bold styles — shoulder pads included.

Luis Cabrera Current PSL, Fashion & Style

kelley ash
Vintage metallic gold leather jacket and pants by Michael Hoban, and belt by Michael Morrison.
Photographs by
Graham Dunn
Styling by
Kelley Ash and Chloe Chippendale
Chen Yu
Hair & Make Up by
Lisa Monique


Kelley Ash and Chloe Chippendale.

The 1970s and ’80s were stellar years for fashion. Sequined dresses, oversized blazers, worn-out leather, denim on denim — everything seemed to work. Some looks from the period are coming back with the help of Los Angeles–based stylists and longtime friends Kelley Ash and Chloe Chippendale, whose clothing collection Stellaire is, well, waiting for a girl like you.

“It was a few years in the making,” Ash says, explaining how they created the business on a foundation of childhood memories and the feeling they get from collecting vintage clothing. “My aunt used to play this song called ‘Planet Rock’ [by Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force]. She wore this red leather outfit with big shoulder pads and had Billy Idol–like platinum blond short hair. I’d bop my head to the song and I felt really cool, and now I feel like I’m becoming that woman.”

Ash and Chippendale, who met on a photo shoot where they styled and modeled vintage fashions, now replay the bold styles, colors, and silhouettes of their youth.

“We’d been working on photo shoots together for ages that were heavily styled with vintage, and we finally had the idea to sell the pieces we were shooting,” Chippendale says. “We started for our own creative fulfillment, collecting and selling.”

The business has evolved, and it did so with great ethical resolve, eschewing the wastefulness prevalent in the industry.

The duo has already introduced three collections, presented with glitzy photographs and witty captions on their website Ash and Chippendale also plan to open a space in L.A. to showcase their collections for photo shoots and even red-carpet rentals.


Vintage angora sweater, pants by Fredricks of Hollywood, and belt by Michael Morrison.


Vintage catsuit by Tadashi, boots by Gucci, and belt by Michael Morrison.


Vintage angora sweater, pants by Fredricks of Hollywood, and belt by Michael Morrison.


Vintage sweater by Nannell, belt and purse by Michael Morrison, and jeans by Golden Age.


Vintage red leather dress and jacket by Michael Hoban.


Vintage lamé bustier by John Charles.


Vintage lamé dress by Victor Costa and 
purse by Judith Leiber.


Vintage metallic blue asymmetrical dress by New Leaf.