Kenneth Churchill

Kenneth Churchill: Vision 2018

CEO, West Coast Cannabis Club.

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Kenneth Churchill
Kenneth Churchill
Kenneth Churchill

CEO, West Coast Cannabis Club

Kenneth Churchill launched West Coast Cannabis Club with growth in mind. “We started in 2017 as a medical marijuana dispensary, and we moved to Recreational Adult-Use sales on January 1st  2018,” he says. “We’re excited about the opportunity to set the standards and push this industry in a positive direction.”

The company serves residents of every city in the Coachella Valley through it’s two storefront locations in Cathedral City and Palm Desert, as well as their delivery service. They offer a wide variety of products. Everything from CBD products for arthritis pain and other medical needs, THC infused edibles, drinks and tinctures, to the more traditional cannabis “flower” for smoking, as well as a large variety of pre-rolled joints for your convenience.

A Colorado native, Churchill played college football in Nebraska and earned a degree in business administration and marketing. “I knew a lot of people in the industry there and it piqued my interest. When I moved to California, Cathedral City gave us a great opportunity to start a business,” he says. “Even though we’ve gone recreational, a big focus is trying to bring relief to people,” to help them with sleep, anxiety, pain, or chemotherapy side effects.

Local support has been key to his success. “The city councils here are serious and willing to discuss how we set the right example. Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Palm Springs, and Desert Hot Springs provide great leadership when it comes to taking this industry and moving it to the next level.”

VIDEO: Kenneth Churchill talks about the medicinal benefits of the cannabis industry.