Kevan Hall Fashion Takes on a New Desert Perspective

After viewing Sunnylands, designer will showcase his interpretation

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Kevan Hall is no stranger to the desert.

His stunning clothing collections have been shown here countless times, and his presence has always left lasting impressions of his passion for fashion.

Hall’s brand is known for purity of style, incomparable tailoring and sensuously draped streamlined silhouettes. And while his personal taste in men’s clothing runs to vintage jackets and colored jeans, his sophisticated elegance and uncluttered modern couture are all “drop dead glamour.”

Designer Data

  • Former Halston’s Design and creative director.
  • Launched his own signature Kevan Hall Collection and has a White Label Collection as well.
  • Celebrated artists have embraced his designs including Jordin Sparks, Sharon Stone, Angela Bassett, Charlize Theron, and Salma Hayek.

Hall’s followers as well as those new to his apparel aesthetic are in for a rare treat at the unveiling of his one-of-a kind tribute to Sunnylands Center & Gardens March 11 in Rancho Mirage. The luncheon fashion show, Sunnylands Chic, showcases the work of select designers (including two of Hall’s children), who will present their inspired interpretations derived from the famed art and architecture of Sunnylands, known as the Annenberg Estate and West Coast Presidential retreat.

Impressions of Sunnylands

  • “It’s hard to narrow down just one thing…in every corner and every angle there is a feast for your eyes.
  • Certainly the impressionist art.
  • As a designer, for me, it all starts with beautiful fabric…so I was inspired by use of textile on draperies, sofas, bedspreads…the pillows. What an amazing place.”

While Hall won’t quite reveal details about what he will be presenting, he gave Palm Springs Life a glimpse of his aesthetic.

Was this assignment difficult? Was it hard to stick to one theme?
“No not at all. You had to narrow it down. There is so much to look at such as the Hollywood Regency interiors and the modern architecture. I wanted to keep with what speaks to the aesthetic of the home.”

What did you finally choose as your “inspiration piece” to begin your own design?
"I chose a couple of things: One of the first things I noticed when you walk on property…is a wonderful skylight with steel type beams. There are circle or holes in the beams that I found interesting. I had never seen beams with holes and I thought this made for a wonderful pattern. I then found a fabric that spoke to the beams and cut-outs.

I noticed beautiful embroidered and trapunto stitching in some of the furniture side chairs. Bergeres with incredible trapunto stitching done specifically for the shape of cushions and the backs of the chairs. I want my piece to make a statement and I think the idea of trapunto strategically placed will translate."

Was it difficult to select colors from Sunnylands?
"The vibrant colors in the rose garden are lovely. Beautiful fuchsia, pink roses, gorgeous yellow roses, and foliage that looked like jade. Speaking of jade, in the living room, I believe it’s the Philadelphia Room, there is a bouquet of flowers all made of what looked like semi-precious gemstones. I think I like the jade color that I saw. It was used in several places."

What do you believe is hot and trending for spring and into fall?
“Color is important. Deep brights, magenta and jade. I haven’t used black in a long time, but I did sprinkle a lot of black into my cocktail dresses and gowns. Fluid, easy fabrics and there is an interest in neoprene and stretch.

Do you have a favorite palette or season?
“I’m always changing but I’m really loving spring right now. Light, fresh, pretty. People have responded to an abstract plaid print that I did with what looks like, almost, jello colors.”

I understand your children will be showing at Sunnylands as well?
“Yes, they (daughter Asia, 24, and son Evan, 19) are in design and will also be presenting at this event. They were on the tour as well and we had to discuss so we didn’t overlap. They have their own aesthetic, different eyes with a different approach that is young and spirited. I’m very proud. They are really great kids. Focused, driven, and thoughtful when it comes to design and follow through and when it comes to pulling it all together."

What will you bring to the desert to wear in your down time?
"Cotton pants. Loafers. Cool comfy shirts. Printed bermudas, of course!"

For ticket information, visit or contact 760-202-2222.

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