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That’s Entertaining

Kimpton Rowan lead mixologist Mary Valdez serves up three simple ways to immediately improve your party hosting game this winter.

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kimpton rowan palm springs
Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs lead mixologist Mary Valdez.
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Kimpton Rowan lead mixologist Mary Valdez offers three tips to raise your winter party hosting skills to the next level.


A Sweater Weather cocktail is poured into an old-fashioned glass that’s first smoked with a cinnamon stick. 

Bring on the Bubbles

“What better way to celebrate than popping open some bubbly? When choosing bottles, I look for ‘brut’ or ‘extra brut’ to avoid those sugar-induced headaches, as well as wines produced in the traditional method: ‘méthode Champenoise.’ Crémant and brut cava are both dry styles that won’t break the bank and pair well with different foods.”

Park A Bar Cart

“Set up a bar cart in a communal area so guests can help themselves to a cocktail while you entertain. If you don’t have one, a side table can work just as well. You can keep it simple with a few different bottles of booze and your garden-variety mixers, or you can pre-batch a holiday-inspired punch bowl to have on display. Don’t forget the ice!”

Hold the Booze, Too

“Not everyone drinks alcohol, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have something delicious to sip. A couple of my favorites at the Kimpton Rowan are spiced apple cider and herb-infused lemonades because they’re quick to make and full of flavor. Fresh coffee and tea are also great to have on hand for the end of the evening when the party is winding down.”