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As the World Watches

Design influencer Krys Melo tries not to be influenced as she restores her 1958 home in Rancho Mirage while 62,000 Instagram followers look on.

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krys melo

Images from Krys Melo’s Instagram feed (@melodrama) prove everything she touches turns to style.

Vintage style, not vintage values.

Self described:
Latina rebel. Radical introvert.

Grew up:
“In areas of the Southwest, including Palm Springs and Las Vegas, that were covered in midcentury modern architecture. I love many vintage styles, but I’m still most drawn to the mid-20th century in design and fashion.”

Home life:
Husband JV, dog Oliver, and cat Mikey. “In our free time, we volunteer and foster animals with Palm Springs Animal Shelter.”

Daily grind:
Designer and interior stylist. Author of the lifestyle blog, where she shares vintage inspiration and tips for restoration, home décor, crafts, and DIY.

Original career plan:
“When I was little, I thought I wanted to be an inventor. But, really, I just wanted to design and make things. I’ve worked in different creative jobs and design was always part of those roles.”


Design superpower:
Ability to use and mix color.

Home’s backstory:
A William Krisel modern design; originally owned by Elizabeth Taylor’s agent.

Downside of a historical residence:
Trying to reverse decades of previous renovations. “Each layer we peel back reveals something new and changes my initial ideas (usually for the better). Strategic planning can be a challenge.”


On knowing 62,000 people might chime in on any design move she makes:
“My readers will always have and share their opinions, and I have a good sense of what they may or may not like, but I don’t make decisions based on that. My husband and I live and work in the space, so I follow my gut and what speaks to us first. People liking and feeling inspired by it is the bonus! I’m careful not to fall into trends just because it might get more likes. It’s not sustainable in the long run.”

The couple recently sandblasted the white paint off the exterior stone and stone fireplace, part of the home design work she documents online.

The path to fandom:
“I’ve been able to grow a supportive following by being as authentic and true to my own ideas and life circumstances as possible. I’ve been on Instagram and blogging for over seven years, and have been lucky to be featured by larger accounts, magazines, and brand collabs.”

A new floorplan to make part of the house more functional, with help from contractor Steven Shields of Shields Residential.

Current thrill:
“I love that restoration and preservation are making waves. For so long, designers wanted all new, new, new. It’s nice to see the original and historical details in homes getting some respect. I love mixing of old and new, and I think a lot of designers are having fun with that, too.”

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