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Lawrence Lazzaro and Nicholas Hertneck

Partners, Nicholas Lawrence Design and Modern Hacienda.

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nicholas lawrence design

A lot of progress can be made in just 12 months. Simply ask Nicholas Hertneck and Lawrence Lazzaro, interior designers-cum-retailers who own and operate Palm Desert’s Modern Hacienda in addition to Nicholas Lawrence Design.

“This year we have grown a great deal, says Lazzaro, who shares that there are now six talented interior designers in their studio, each of whom is highlighted at  We are very proud of each of them, and we want to be sure they are acknowledged and get their moment in the sun”.

On the retail side, Hertneck adds that Modern Hacienda truly took off in the last year. “We have brought in some very special, super-luxe contemporary furniture lines, and the store is brimming with new art and décor, books, gifts and toys. We have so many favorite things that we are opening a second location, this one on El Paseo, in January 2023.”

The pair has lived and worked in a variety of dream locales, including Laguna Beach, South Hampton, New York City, and Beverly Hills. “Our design work brought us here to work on several projects, and we fell in love with the desert,” says Hertneck. “When we had the opportunity to make this our home base, we jumped on it.”

With their interior design business booming, the intrepid entrepreneurs are particularly pleased Modern Hacienda has exceeded every expectation. “We recognized that there was a need for representation of new-production, licensed and authentic, Midcentury Modern classics,” says Lazzaro. “And when we understood our customers also want special contemporary pieces and lots of fun objets d’art and gifts, we brought more products into the store and we haven’t been able to keep them in stock fast enough.”

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