Letters to the Editor

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Dear Editor:
Thank you for a complete and practical guide to the desert. Those of us who visit appreciate the insertion of the map and tourist services. As subscribers to your publication as well as Los Angeles and San Francisco magazines, my husband and I find Palm Springs Life exceeds the others in providing information about the area.
Jan Schiak, Eugene, Ore.

Dear Editor:
“Our Best Doctors” (July 2006) short-changed Dr. Adrian Graff-Radford, who for the past 27 years has provided us with hip and knee repla-cement care. More than 90 percent of the individuals where I live have had his care. Secondly, my primary care physician, Dr. George W. Wilson, never ignores his patients. If you are in the hospital/nursing care, you can open your eyes at 11 or 12 at night and there he is checking on you.
Joy Whitehurst, Palm Desert

Dear Editor:
 “Our Best Doctors” listed only one in cardiology and internal medicine, and no thoracic-cardio surgeons, 16 orthopedic surgeons, 16 cosmetic surgeons, and one family practice physician. I can add two outstanding thoracic and cardiac surgeons: Dr. Joseph W. Wilson and Dr. S.N. Matuka. Another outstanding cardiologist is Dr. Eric Sontz. And Dr. Stephen Steele is a great family practice physician.
Jessie Amelon, Palm Desert

Dear Editor:
Great article about B-Bar-H Ranch (“Drink it In,” August 2006). The aerial photo was actually taken in about 1947, when the chauffeur’s quarters and garage were built (upper left corner). In the ’40s and early ’50s, unreleased movies were shown. There was gambling (not advertised). Palm Drive was a dirt road. The drive from Beverly Hills took four hours on old Highway 99. My grandfather paid $42,500 cash for the B-Bar-H in January 1942 and $6,400 for Covington Park.
Name withheld on request

Our story “On the Edge (August 2006) misidentified the Linsky-Thomas residence.

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