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Cheer up, Hank!

Dear Editor:

Thank goodness for Hank Stokes. He’s so reliable you could set your watch by him. When there was a ballot initiative for universal preschool, we knew we’d hear about it (negatively) in Valley Observer ("School Ties," July 2006). When State Sen. Sheila Kuehl pushed for some recognition of the real lives of gay/lesbian figures in history, we knew we’d hear (negatively) from Hank. Of course he "never detected actual wit" on Will & Grace. The show’s dialogue was liberal (still a positive word) and catty, but often poignant. It is no wonder it sailed over the head of the self-described curmudgeon.

Michael Carson, Palm Springs
Save our Sand

Dear Editor:

I am such a fan of the desert lifestyle. However, I’m confused, after reading "Captain’s Quarters" (June 2006), why a developer would spend so much to create Venice in the Coachella Valley. Isn’t the desert a desert for a reason? Don’t we throw off the ecosystem of the area, and help to increase the humidity factor in the desert by thinking we can make it a different climate/area than what it is?

Rudy Gizzi, Los Angeles
Come see Palmilla!

Dear Editor:

Are you aware of the beauty of Palmilla in La Quinta? Our community was omitted from "Our 43 Best Neighborhoods" (May 2006) and "Captain’s Quarters" (June 2006). Come take a look at our community located at 50th and Jefferson.

R. Lincoln, La Quinta


• "Night and Day" (July 2006) about downtown Cathedral City quoted the city’s former economic development coordinator and a city employee on disability leave. The story was written for earlier publication and held. The announcement of a Hampton Inn & Suites and a grand opening were earlier than the article stated, Trilussa Ristorante is now open, and the expected opening of a Sheraton resort has been delayed. We regret the errors resulting from our delayed publication of the story.

• An advertorial feature about Dr. Donald Brown misidentified his practice, which is El Paseo Center for Cosmetic Dentistry.

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