the lights at Indio

Things to Do During a Shutdown: Golf

The outdoors hold the key to getting out of the house, staying safe, being active, and keeping your sanity during the pandemic.

Thomas Meagher Current Digital, Golf

the lights at Indio

If you feel like you have the stamina, you can walk the course on the only lighted course in the Coachella Valley.

As we approach a long holiday weekend still in the midst of a pandemic lockdown, there are still opportunities to do more than check Netflix or Amazon Prime. Remember when your parents told you to go outside and play? It’s good advice right now.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a series of things-to-do that are geared for the outdoors, one of the appealing factors of living or visiting here.

Golf: Ride Solo in a Cart, or Walk the Course

Golf courses have not been required to close during the current lockdown because of the precautions in place and the ability to social distance. But while every Coachella Valley public course has adopted new procedures to make things safer for players and staff, there is one big difference in those procedures that you should know.

I’m referring to courses that allow players to ride in a cart by themselves if they so desire, and courses that don’t allow solo riding. Consequently, if, like me, you are usually signing-up to play as a single but are uncomfortable at the prospect of spending four-plus hours seated beside a stranger as you ride from shot-to-shot, you’ll want to know the course’s policy beforehand. Check golf course websites beforehand or call and ask.


Terra Lago’s North course, showing (to the left as you face it) the short par-4 14th hole and (in the center of the picture) the island green of the par-3 15th hole.

By contrast, for a recent round at The Golf Club at Terra Lago, I, as a single, was assigned my own cart. The course’s policy was described on its website: “Married or living in the same home we ask you to ride together (2 per cart). Arriving in the same vehicle, we ask you to ride together.” I’ll probably be playing Terra Lago more frequently than other courses, in the weeks ahead, simply because of this policy.

However, here’s another COVID-conscious option worth considering: walk the course! Walking is golf’s ultimate social distancer. However, it requires a level of fitness and preparedness that may rule it out, at least initially, for some golfers. My advice would be to give walking a try on a reduced scale: walk the course with your bag on a rented pull-cart, at The Lights at Indio Golf Course. This popular par-3 course features holes ranging from 100 to 240 yards. The front nine measures 1,473 yards and 1,304 on the back nine.

The Golf Club at Terra Lago
84000 Terra Lago Parkway, Indio

The Lights at Indio Golf Course
83040 Avenue 42, Indio