Lily Tomlin Will Be Right Back

The Grace and Frankie star (and part-time Palm Springs 
resident) maps her return to Netflix and the desert.

Derrik J. Lang Arts & Entertainment, Current Guide

Grace and Frankie stars Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda have been traveling around Southern California for several appearances together in recent months.

Lily Tomlin isn’t looking forward to the end of her Netflix series Grace and Frankie, whose penultimate season begins streaming this month.

“I don’t feel like I’m anywhere closer to retiring,” says the 80-year-old comedy icon. However, the show’s conclusion means Tomlin and wife (and frequent creative collaborator) Jane Wagner can finally spend more time together in their Palm Springs
vacation home.

“We don’t go as often as we planned to go,” Tomlin says, “but we’ll go more after the show ends. I promise.”

When they are in town, Tomlin and Wagner love paying a visit to their star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars. “It’s in front of a restaurant, but I always forget which one, and we have to go hunt it down,” she acknowledges. “I always think it’s front of Trio, but it’s not Trio.” (For the record, their star is located in front of The Corridor shopping plaza between Koffi and MidMod Café.)

Besides starring together in Grace and Frankie, Tomlin and Jane Fonda been traveling around Southern
California for several appearances in recent months. “We worry because sometimes we don’t know where we’re going to get off,” she explains. “I don’t know where we could end up.”

lily tomlin walk of stars


Wait a sec. The 9 to 5 besties are getting lost while driving themselves around SoCal!? “No, no,” she says with a laugh. “I meant, we worry about taking a wrong turn in the conversation.”

Grace and Frankie fans won’t have to worry about running out of episodes to binge just yet. Tomlin and Fonda start production on the final season this month.