Local Love: Succulents

A rustic native touch, from centerpieces to boutonnieres

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Adapting beautifully into a flowerscape of any style, succulents come in all shapes and sizes and thrive in the arid desert climate by sipping small drinks and storing water in reserve. Spiky, fleshy, or trailing, these plants fascinate with their variety, from long, curling arms and bright, bulbous blooms to otherworldly forms that resemble flower petals, the plates of a stegosaurus, and creatures from the bottom of the sea.

Of course, weddings are a natural showplace for local flora and fauna — just ask any of the top floral designers who incorporate them with skill, ease, and their own artistic eye. Luna Salomon-Chomsinsub is a second-generation designer at Arrangements Floral & Party Design, her family’s 23-year-old business. When it comes to succulents, Salomon-Chomsinsub finds the organic greenery simply irresistible. “Brides often want something romantic and elegant that still complements the desert landscape,” she says. “Succulents are strong yet subtle — a great way to blend both worlds.” Their texture works in harmony with many flowers to immediately change the look.

From bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces to napkin holders, potted favors, and in-room welcome gifts, succulents are nearly a local must-have. And a talented pro knows just how to ensure your wedding looks like no one else’s. “For one event, we transformed succulents by spray painting them all different metallic shades, laid on a layer of moss,” she says.

“It was so cool; they looked like they were plated in gold.”


Salomon-Chomsinsubl likes to pair succulents with …
● Peach roses and dusty miller for a traditional, romantic affair
● Grape branch or drift wood surrounded by rock and quartz for an earthy, rustic desert theme
● King proteas for a hip, modern celebration

Arrangements by Luna Salomon-Chomsinsub of Arrangements Floral & Party Design

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