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Let's Get Transported

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Photography by David Blank

Until there’s true time travel, there is Alberto Frias’ take-me-away Transport. If you don’t remember the first nine months of your life, this senses-surrounding experience can carry you back to that safe, womb feeling as soon as you slip inside. Touted as a “personal light, sound, and space environment” for one or two people, the shiny white egg with an elliptical opening is lined with a cloud-like, temperature-controlled waterbed. Music plays, a subwoofer vibrates, and the domed white “sky” above becomes an ever-changing canvas awash in a fusion of colored lights. You can integrate the bliss-inducing Transport with a home stereo, computer, or iPod; and the LED lighting system is designed to be tinkered with to your liking. Frias, a Las Vegas artist, architect, and furniture designer, signs and numbers each of his functional pieces of handmade pod art. Someday, he says, he’d like to do a smaller, more affordable, version. For now, this virtual mom — custom-ordered and upgradeable — starts around $10,000.


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