lucky callender

Ask a Local: Lucky Callender

Owner of Babe’s Bar-B-Que & Brewery in Rancho Mirage weighs in on a few topics.

Amelia Rodriguez Current Guide, Restaurants

lucky callender

Lucky Callender was born into in the restaurant business. His father  Don, grew his own parents’ small bakery into a national name: Marie Callender’s. In 2002, Don sold the company and opened Babe’s Bar-B-Que and Brewery in Rancho Mirage. He passed away in 2009, and in 2018 Lucky bought the restaurant from the family trust.

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Since taking over, Lucky Callender has brought the restaurant's beer to the forefront.

What’s your best-selling beer?

The honey blonde ale. It’s the lightest beer. It has a really nice finish with orange-blossom honey that we find at the local farmers market.

Best thing about Greater Palm Springs?

The desert has always been the perfect getaway. Back in the olden times, it was a place for people to go, and it still is a really cool place where cool ideas are formed.

What are your tasting tips?

Taste each beer one at a time — lighter beers to amber-colored beers to red ales to dark lagers. If you want to stick to two or three beers, that’s great. And if you want to have more, then you’re on the right path.