luscious lorraines organic cafe

You Are What You Drink

Organic juices offer natural remedies for common maladies.

Meredith Jordan Current PSL, Health & Wellness, Restaurants

luscious lorraines organic cafe

Mother Nature has the answer for what is ailing you, says Lorraine Ornelas, owner of Luscious Lorraine’s Organic Café in Palm Desert. “You just have to listen,” she says, “to your body.”

Ornelas would know. She recently celebrated 20 years in business with Luscious Lorraine’s. A cancer diagnosis at 21 turned her into a student of nutrition. Almost 30 years later, she is an abundant source on nutrients and how they impact the human body.

When it comes to health-inspiring ingredients that benefit the body, Ornelas 
acknowledges that there are universal truths. However, she stresses, “everyone is different.” She notes that super foods, which pack a big nutritional punch for most people, are not recommended for people on blood thinners, so always talk first with your doctor about your diet.

“My main thing is that you should eat the freshest, cleanest, locally sourced food as possible,” Ornelas advises. She sources her own fresh ingredients and urges anyone blending up her recommended concoctions to do the same.

Blood and liver cleanser

A combination of freshly juiced beets, carrot, lemon, ginger root, and green apple will give your system a natural flush. The beets are high in nutrients and have the added benefit of revealing how your system processes food.

original green drink with Ginger for energy / alkalizing

Ornelas has been making the same blend of greens for 20 years: celery, cucumber, green apple, kale, lemon, parsley, and ginger root.

Cold or flu / inflammation

Grandma used to say have an orange if you felt a cold coming on. Ornelas agrees but adds fresh carrot juice, ginger root, lemon, tumeric, and black pepper.

Muscle and skin toner /collagen fuel smoothie

Collagen is the protein that works on connective tissue from ligaments to muscles, and skin. The best group of ingredients: banana, raw cashews, almond butter, collagen fuel protein, and almond milk (with or without raw agave).