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After working in marketing in New York and Los Angeles, Mad Crisp founder Younhee Choi relocated to Rancho Mirage to turn her passion for baking into an artisanal cracker empire.

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mad crisp food

Younhee Choi says the name Mad Crisp came from reading an article in The New Yorker.

What inspired you to make your own crackers?

Cocktail hour! I love entertaining and always wanted a fun, easy, elevated snack that would go with a glass of wine or cocktails. I had some downtime between projects, so I started trying to come up with something that was healthy and guilt free but still delicious.

How did you land on using crispy quinoa as the main ingredient?

There was a lot of experimentation. I didn’t know what was going to happen. I’d never worked with crispy quinoa puffs. I think there are a lot of foods out there with grains and nuts, but they are usually more like bars and almost always use something sweet as a binding. I wanted to do something savory.

What inspired the flavors — porcini herb, chive almond, and za’atar pistachio?

They mimic real food. The first one I came up with was porcini herb because I used to make mushroom tarts all the time. I loved cooking them when guests would come over, so I wanted to do something like that in a cracker form.

How did you come up with the name Mad Crisp?

I was reading The New Yorker a couple of years ago, and they were talking about the best books of 2018. One of them was this novel Green [by Sam Graham-Felsen] about kids growing up in the ’90s. There was a bit of dialogue with the phrase “mad crisp,” and I said, “That’s it. That is my name!” It’s cool, different — and they really are crisp.

How long have you been in Rancho Mirage?

I’ve owned my house for about five years. Originally, it was just a weekend place. I’d come to the desert with friends and for tennis. Because of COVID, I started living here full time. It’s been a great place to be while working on Mad Crisp. I found a big kitchen with huge windows that look out at the desert. It’s so nice — and very different than some of the cramped New York kitchens I worked in.

mad crisp

"(Rancho Mirage) has been a great place to be while working on Mad Crisp," says Choi.

Younhee Recommends

I love to take visitors to the Indian 
Canyons. You have the waterfalls and 
the palm trees. It’s so beautiful over 
there. I also like going to Sunnylands 
[Center & Gardens]. I’ll sometimes 
grab a coffee and take a quick stroll around by myself for a bit of peace and quiet.

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