vant wall panels

Make it Snappy

Wall dÉcor that clicks.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

vant wall panels
Define a wall or create a headboard with these easy-install padded panels that snap into a hidden track. Two sizes, four finishes, and 13 colors bow to your vision.

So you never bought a proper headboard for the guest bedroom? And now you leave the door closed so you don’t have to think about giving up your morning latte to fund a rarely appreciated piece of furniture?

No blame here — just a solution.

Vänt wall panels are the fast food of wall treatments. They look respectably decorative, and they go up faster than you can eat a burger and fries. Their speed and convenience rival a trip through the drive-thru. Click them up and you can once again feel like a person who finishes what you start.

Vänt’s padded and upholstered panels come in two sizes to configure into a custom headboard. They snap into a track system that you (or your trusted handyperson) screw onto the wall. Just pop them back out for easy cleaning. Choose your finish in pearl, leatherette, microsuede, or metallic.

Equally functional in a kids’ bedroom, in a home office, or as a backdrop in a dining room or living room, the panels are easy on the wallet and make a three-dimensional impact that’s impossible to achieve with paint or wallpaper. As an accent wall, they can be flanked by tower shelving or framed by decorative molding. Thirteen colors include red, blue, charcoal gray, white, silver, and gold.