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Sarah Scheideman
Photo by David A. Lee


Desert native Sarah Scheideman founded the Coachella Valley Art Scene, an organization that promotes art, music, and culture through creative venues and events, in 2008. Here, she shares what she loves about the valley.

AGE — 30

RESIDENCE — Palm Desert

BACKGROUND — After graduating from UC Riverside with a B.A. in film and visual culture, Scheideman returned home to realize there wasn’t a publication dedicated to our vibrant, younger artistic community. So, she took it upon herself to make what the community needed and started a blog called the Coachella Valley Art Scene.

CURRENT PROJECTS — Executive director of the Coachella Valley Art Scene. In 2014, she opened an art gallery in Cathedral City, and it officially became a nonprofit organization about four months ago. She also recently started a new business venture, Scene Creative, an agency in the Coachella Valley that develops artists and businesses.





Photo Courtesy Two Bunch Palms


Two Bunch Palms in Desert Hot Springs. I’m originally from Desert Hot Springs, so when I want to escape, I just go right back to where I came from. DHS is an energy vortex that’s as equally eerie as it is magical.


Photo Courtesy El Mexicali Café


I love El Mexicali Café in Indio. I always order the Camarones al Mojo de Ajo and a Chavela con una Negra Modelo. I substitute the rice for nopales. So delicious!

Music Venue

Photo by Reggie Cameron


Backyard at Bar in Palm Springs. I got a chance to see Eevaan Tre & The Show there, and it had a great atmosphere. There are romantic patio lights, outdoor games, and enough space for everyone.


Photo by Nicolas Delgado


The Fine Art of Design in Palm Desert is like a fashion museum. I love talking to shop owner Nicky Delgado every time I go in. Get a fashion education and a new wardrobe in one stop.

Day Trip

Photo Courtesy The Indian Canyons


I love the spirituality that can be found in the Indian Canyons. It’s peaceful, a place to meditate, and at certain times of the year there are waterfalls.

Art Gallery

Photo by Phillip K. Smith III


Royale Projects in Palm Desert. They’re cutting-edge and always on the pulse of what’s new. They also represent a local artist, Phillip K. Smith III, who I’m a big fan of.


Photo by Jaime Kowal


I love Bootlegger Tiki because of its intimacy and attention to detail. Their Pod Thai drink can do no wrong.

Outdoor Activity
Cloud-watching. I think it’s important to dedicate time in your week to do absolutely nothing except daydreaming.


Photo by Lance Gerber


Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival! My first Coachella experience was in 2001, and I haven’t missed one since. To be able to say I work and contribute to the festivalgoers’ experience is an honor.

Midcentury Home
Frey House II. That house is perfection in my opinion. Rock included.

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