master closet

Manly Cave

This client loves to shop. 
His closet shows it off.

Lisa Marie Hart Home & Design, Real Estate

master closet

Why should retail have all the fun? This residential project put some love in the master closet with masculine details inspired by a high-end shopping experience.

Gucci, Versace, and Louis Vuitton merch stays on display long after it leaves the showroom with custom organization and storage solutions by Rucker Muth Luxury homebuilders and Gordon Stein of Gordon Stein Design.

You saw this Madison Club residence in the article, Moody Blues, but we wanted to leave you with a final glimpse of one space that can make or break a home: the master closet dressing area.

Enter a jacket bar with a generous three-fingers’ width between each hanger, a protective shelf for a suede fedora, and a drawer beneath the commercial-tough safe for scarves, gloves, or socks. Specs and shades wait for their day in the sun inside a wall-mounted glass case. Just below, belts are coiled like napping snakes in the grass. Compartments for wallets and card cases sit one level down.

The visual merchandising is complete with a luxurious finish and strategic lighting that flatters both the client and his latest John Varvatos haul.