Mariel Hemingway Finds Empowerment From Morning Timeout

Tells Women in Business Awards luncheon audience to slow down, take time for yourself

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Mariel Hemingway wants to know how you wake up each morning.

"Do we rush, are we stressed out of our minds?" she asks while speaking May 21 at the Women In Business Awards luncheon at the newly opened Ritz-Carlton Rancho Mirage.

Her own personal journey, which included producing the documentary, Running from Crazy, has brought the actress and spokesperson for Cambria to take her time each morning.

"Slowly. Not rushing. Thinking of something that I am grateful for or someone," Hemingway told the packed ballroom. "Breathing. Breathing deep into my belly. Really just honoring me when I wake up in the morning. Because when you honor yourself at the beginning of the day, the rest of your day kind of unfolds quite beautifully. It just does because you've given yourself time."

Hemingway presided over the second annual Palm Springs Life event, which honored three Coachella Valley women in the categories of Entrepreneur (Denise Wilson, president and CEO of Desert Jet), Corporate Leader, (Charissa Farley, owner and CEO of Farley Interlocking Paving) and Business Leader in the Community (Lisa Vossler-Smith, executive director of Modernism Week).

In the making of her documentary that she co-produced with Oprah Winfrey, Hemingway comes to gripes with growing up in a stressful and addicted lifestyle family that was punctuated by seven tragic suicides including her grandfather, author Ernest Hemingway, and her sister, Margaux.

"I told this story, I made this movie and I share really about lifestyle and how I have used my life and my story to get to a place where I love being me, love running my businesses, love living life to the fullest and being myself," says Hemingway. "And when I say love myself and love being me, that was such a long journey."

Hemingway found her purpose, which is reinforced every morning.

"Luckily, I really love life and I think living life is really extraordinary," Hemingway says. "And that's my passion to live an extraordinary life. It doesn't mean I lead an exotic life, but I find great pleasure, great power and passion in the simplicity of getting up in the morning."

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