mark j smith

Mark J. Smith, Ph.D.

Applied Physiologist, Mission Hills Country Club.

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mark j smith
At Mission Hills Country Club, Mark J. Smith creates exercise routines and diets to assist the overall health of his clients.

Applied physiologist, Dr. Mark J. Smith, has found the ideal place to practice in the Coachella Valley. “If you want to be active, there’s no better place,” says Smith, who helps golfers and tennis players, both amateur and professional, improve their posture, movement, and power at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage.

A U.K. native and graduate of Loughborough University, Smith came to the United States to play top-level rugby and, later, attended graduate school at Colorado State University. After earning his Master’s in Exercise and Sport Science, he completed his Doctorate in Physiology focusing on cardiovascular disease. During and since his studies, Smith also worked extensively with Dr. Loren Cordain, founder of The Paleo Diet®; and, now serves on the editorial board for, a leading resource on nutritional research.

In his next chapter, Dr. Smith extensively researched interval training, which led to an opportunity in the golf fitness industry. In particular, the Titleist Performance Institute sought out his expertise as an advisory board member and instructor. This led him West and eventually to life in the Coachella Valley.

At Mission Hills CC, Smith’s interest extends beyond teaching clients how to optimize their golf swing or tennis serve. He tailors exercise routines and diets to promote overall health. “My philosophy is very much about prevention,” he says. “My job is to try and keep our hospitals less busy.” That means eating healthfully, exercising efficiently, and reducing stress for an overall better life. For further information, visit

VIDEO: Mark J. Smith talks about his career in the Coachella Valley.