martyn lawrence bullard

Dressed to Design

Five secrets inside Martyn Lawrence Bullard’s absolutely fabulous closet.

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martyn lawrence bullard


Can a dressing room ensure you dress for success? Can a closet organize your state of mind? Can having the right pair of shoes close at hand point your day in the right direction? The orderly gentleman’s closet that interior designer Martyn Lawrence Bullard fashioned to maximize dressing room space in his L.A. home answers these questions with a wink and a nod. While his Palm Springs escape was designed more for relaxation, his city digs function for business.

Bullard let us in on why this place helps him prep for greatness.

1. “Good lighting is important, not only to see true color but also to see all of your clothes. I removed all the windows to maintain as many uninterrupted walls as I could but added a giant UV-protected skylight so natural light floods the space during daylight hours. The cabinets are lit from within with rods that illuminate allowing for great ambient lighting and a perfect color view at night.”

2. “I love an island. It’s the perfect spot to house accessories, belts, scarves, underwear, and gym clothes. I always make sure they are deep enough to allow suitcases on top for easy packing.”

3. “The shoe wall has open shelving, so I can see and grab shoes to match my outfits. Most of the clothing is behind full-length panels of clear glass allowing me to see all at a quick glance while eliminating the fear of fading, dust, and moths.”

4. “I separate clothing into color-blocked areas. Valet pulls allow me to hang clothes together to mix and match until perfect.”

5. “Behind a pair of mirrored doors, cedar-lined shelving holds knitwear and cashmere, providing easy access and safety for precious knits.”

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