Medical Guide Editor's Letter – 2010

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We encounter choices every day: what to wear, which route to take to our destination, where to meet friends for lunch, when to go to bed.

Sometimes we have bigger choices to make: whether to accept a job offer or marriage proposal, which house to buy, what to name the baby, when to retire.

All too often, however, we fail to recognize the multitude of choices we have when it comes to our health. We may accept certain conditions, diagnoses, and treatments with nary a thought about our options.

As this year’s issue of Palm Springs Life’s Medical Guide points out, we can exert greater control of our bodies and minds than we actually do. A good place to start is by examining our daily regimens and seizing opportunities to keep ourselves well and happy. Beyond that, we should recognize that, while we rely on health professionals for their expertise and advice, decisions for how we treat any medical condition we face and how we deal with unexpected circumstances ultimately lie with us.

In this issue, we encourage you to explore an assortment of options for improving aspects of your life (“On the Forefront,” page 5MG). Consider alternative and/or supplementary ways to achieve better health (“Looking for Complements,” page 8MG; “Lose Weight, Live Longer, Go Veg!,” page 15MG; and “Busy Bs,” page 25MG).
Take inspiration from people who have found graceful ways to face challenges (“Bridge Over Troubled Waters,” page 12MG, and “New Directions,” page 22MG). Take advice from a pharmacist on your options for medi-cation (“Choose Drugs Thoughtfully,”  page 96MG).

And because sometimes, no matter how well you take care of yourself, a time may come when you must file a medical insurance claim, we introduce you to people with experience in such situations to help you exercise your voice (“The Maze of Denials,” page 19MG).

We hope this magazine inspires you to take command of the most important aspects of your life — those that involve your health and sense of well-being.

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