melanie perko etiquette

Joy to the World

Here are three ways to be on your best behavior for the holiday season.

Derrik J. Lang Current Guide, Social Scene

melanie perko etiquette
Melanie Perko, a La Quinta-based etiquette expert who has taught good manners to everyone from kids to executives since 1987, offers three ways to be on your best behavior this holiday season.
Melanie Perko
Make an Impression

We all rearranged our priorities during the pandemic, so before those holiday gatherings, you should also remodel your elevator speech: the 30 to 60 seconds it takes to connect with someone. A polished elevator speech gives you confidence and intrigues people you meet. Incorporate your passions, what makes you tick, and show how you’re an interesting individual.

Raise a Question

Another great conversational tip during the holidays is to draw people out. From children to seniors, everyone likes to talk about themselves — some more than others. Ask about a holiday memory. For example, “Aunt Martha, what was your favorite holiday tradition when you and mom were living in Kansas?” No matter who you ask, it’ll inspire them to smile, think, and talk.

Reach Out

People appreciate those who are confident. The best way to add to your confidence is to step outside of your comfort zone at least once during the holidays. Text a friend you have not talked to in a while. Do a kind deed for a neighbor. Call a senior who is shut in. People always love a good old-fashioned “thinking of you” note. Remember a holiday stamp!