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Melvyn’s Restaurant and Ingleside Inn Celebrates Elegant Restoration, Nov. 14, 2017

Susan Stein Social Scene

ingleside inn
(From left) Teddy Grouya, Hilary Newsom, and Graham Culp chat at the Ingleside Inn.

Melvyn’s Restaurant and Ingleside Inn celebrated the completion of the restoration of its rooms, restaurant, and lounge with a VIP party that attracted its best guests, local fans, and the media.

PlumpJack Hospitality Group — which acquired the property from Autumn Haber, daughter of the late owner Melvyn Haber — guided a very gentle but elegant restoration in the last year.

Included in the opening evening’s festivities were Hilary Newsom, president of PlumpJack Group; Jeremy Scherer, co- president of PlumpJack Group; Graham Culp, partner of Meriwether Co.; and Palm Springs Mayor Robert Moon.

The Inn was built in 1925 by the Birge family, owners of the Pierce Arrow Motor Car Company. After 10 years they sold it to Ruth Hardy of Indiana, who changed the energy, transforming it into a private club with a 20-room invite-only hotel.

The Inn hosted a Who’s Who of figures from showbiz, finance, and politics. Invitees included Howard Hughes, Salvador Dalí, Norman Vincent Peale, Spencer Tracy, and Mrs. L. M. Giannini from the Bank of America family.

In 1975, Haber, a New York businessman, visited the desert and fell in love with the Inn. He bought it the same year, renovated the entire property, and created Melvyn’s Restaurant and the Casablanca Lounge.

The new revitalization included polishing up the storied Melvyn’s while preserving its identity. Today, the Inn and restaurant continue to cater to leaders in show business and politics.

Melvyn’s Restaurant and Ingleside Inn
200 W. Ramon Road
Palm Springs, CA 92264