barry nadeau

Accessories Make the Man

Palm Springs’ sharpest dressed open their closets to reveal their most prized fashion possessions.

Julianna Hernandez Current PSL, Fashion & Style

barry nadeau
Barry Nadeau believes style is more about how it makes him feel, not name brands.

From gold loafers adorned with bumblebees to bow ties made of bird feathers, six of the area’s most fashionable men are thinking outside the box when it comes to fashion accessories and their outfits. These guys want to make more than a good impression. They want to make a statement — in the office, out on the town, and even at home — with well-curated looks.

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Barry Nadeau
Owner, Brush

Learning to love clothing from his mother, Nadeau recalls picking out ensembles from the Sears catalog and throwing impromptu fashion shows  as a child. He believes style  is more about how it makes him feel, not name brands. Iris Apfel, the nonagenarian fashion icon whom he once met, taught him to appreciate $2 finds as much as his Imani Uomo tie and bee-accented gold patent Gucci loafers.

Watch a VIDEO of Barry’s fashion shoot on our YouTube page.

“Clothes are just clothes. The most important thing about fashion is the smile it inspires.” — Barry Nadeau


Carlos King
Owner, Carlos King Design

Originally from Mexico City, King grew up in the Coachella Valley but left to study architecture and interior design. When traveling, he amasses vintage treasures. “I collect clothing,” he says. “That’s my weakness.” His favorite possessions are a 1920s art deco Chinese kimono and a Chanel gold-and-pearl necklace and pin from the 1990s .

Watch a VIDEO of Carlos’ fashion shoot on our YouTube page.

“When people see me at events, I always have a bold look. The funny thing is that deep down inside I’m actually a conservative, shy person, so it’s my alter ego coming out.” — Carlos King


Kevin Bass
Realtor, ASK Palm Springs
Brent Bloesser, Manager,
Heather James Fine Art

Bass grasped the value of accouterment while working as a child actor. “When I first started acting, I realized what went into a costume to identify a character,” he says. “It fascinated me that the accessories turned a blank canvas into something totally different.” He and husband Brent Bloesser scour shops in New York, Paris, and London to find unique yet complementary fashion accessories, such as Bass’ black Yves Saint Laurent bomber jacket and Bloesser’s blue-and-white Kooples bomber.

Watch a VIDEO of Kevin and Brent’s fashion shoot on our YouTube page.

“We’re not head to toe in one label.” — Brent Bloesser


Dennis Flaig
General Manager, Saks Fifth Avenue, Palm Desert

Flaig’s most important style tip for clients is to add confidence-boosting fashion accessories to their wardrobes. He stocks his own closet with an array of pocket squares and ties fit for accentuating any ensemble. “I don’t want to look like a fashion magazine,” he says. “I try to be a bit edgier.” His wildest adornment? A Brackish bow tie made from goose feathers.

Watch a VIDEO of Dennis’ fashion shoot on our YouTube page.

“I go to many events that describe what you’re supposed to wear. It’s just a guide. It’s your job to add some pizazz to it.” — Dennis Flaig


Kelly Dougherty
Senior Vice President, 111 Wealth Management Group

Dougherty doesn’t have to search far for fashion inspiration. The biggest influence on his style is his wife (and business partner) Kathleen Valentine. “I have to look good next to her,” he says. Dougherty believes dressing well can open doors, and he relies on accessories like his gold Rolex perpetual day-date watch to enhance the Zenga sport coats and Canali suits he wears to work.

Watch a VIDEO of Kelly’s fashion shoot on our YouTube page.

“Looking good makes me feel comfortable, happy, fun, and confident.” — Kelly Dougherty


Geoff Kors
Palm Springs Mayor pro tem
James Williamson
Community activist and volunteer

Kors learned from his mother to put “yourself out in the world looking and acting your best.” Because of this, Kors believes one should look and feel good, and always be warm and welcoming. He and husband Williamson  coordinate their outfits. They share everything — except for shoes.

Watch a VIDEO of Geoff and James’ fashion shoot on our YouTube page.

“When we’re deciding what to wear, it’s always about what’s fun and what’s happy.” — Geoff Kors