dr mersedeh kairmian

Treat the Patient, Not the Disease

Dr. Mersedeh Karimian of Palm Valley Comprehensive Pain Center in Palm Desert strives to ensure her patients feel seen.

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dr mersedeh kairmian

 With decades of experience treating pain, Dr. Mersedeh Karimian knows firsthand the importance of treating patients with respect, rather than assumptions.

Pain is often an invisible illness — one that can deeply affect our lives but is not always easily seen through physical symptoms. This can lead to disappointing or even frustrating doctors visits, where complaints of acute or chronic pain are misdiagnosed, or worse, left untreated. For those living with acute or chronic pain, it can sometimes be a challenge to even have their pain validated.

This is why Dr. Mersedeh Karimian of Palm Valley Comprehensive Pain Center in Palm Desert strives to ensure her patients feel seen. With decades of experience treating pain, she knows firsthand the importance of treating patients with respect, rather than assumptions, in order to give patients their quality of life back. Karimian’s holistic approach also aims to break down the stigmas surrounding how a patient in pain should look.

“The misconception is, “If you’re in so much pain, how could you possibly take care of yourself?” says Dr. Karimian, “but pain is an invisible disease.”

Karimian’s holistic approach to pain management and patient care is largely influenced by her early life. Her mother worked as a cosmetologist and hair stylist. As a young girl, Karimian watched as her mother’s clients were transformed by the end of their appointment — not just physically, but mentally and emotionally, too. By taking time to take care of themselves, clients were improving how they felt about themselves, and Karimian recognizes that this positive mental state can play a key role in treatment outcomes.

“The mind plays one of the biggest roles in treatment,” Dr. Karimian says.

To that end, her pain management practice also includes a holistic facility: Donya Spa. Nestled under the picturesque mountainside of Rancho Mirage, this relaxing spa allows patients to treat both body and mind through a variety of services, ranging from laser treatments and injectables to full salon services.

“There are people I see who come to me in tears,” Karimian says. “The services here give them back their confidence and their quality of life.”


Dr. Mersedeh Karimian


Dr. Karimian's parents.

The spa also serves as a living tribute to the impact her parents had on Dr. Karimian’s life, including her decision to pursue medical school. From an early age, her parents always emphasized the importance of education and offered their unconditional support of their daughter’s pursuits. Donya Spa brought the family together as her father, a contractor, put his mark on the building’s renovation and her mother serves as Spa Director.

Dr. Karimian’s strong family support also came from her brother, who was born after Dr. Karimian, an only child until age 9, asked her parents for a sibling. He has been a rock throughout Dr. Karimian’s life, always acting as the voice of reason and source of emotional support.

And last but certainly not least, Dr. Karimian’s journey would not have been possible without the unwavering support of her husband, who was also her high school sweetheart and was by her side as they both pursued their love of medicine together. Their love also expanded their family to include two children, a 15-year-old son and an 11-year-old daughter that the couple is immensely proud of. Dr. Karimian appreciates that they both understand her busy day-to-day schedule, and in return, she always strives to show them the unconditional love and support that her own parents have always shown her.

At both Donya Spa and her Palm Desert office, Dr. Karimian uses a multi-modality approach to pain management, offering patients holistic care that helps them return to their highest quality of life.

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