mexican restaurant cocktails

What Cocktail to Order at Greater Palm Springs Mexican Restaurants

Chase your classic meal with an equally traditional beverage.

Catherine Downes Current PSL, Restaurants

mexican restaurant cocktails

A tempting cocktail from Armando's Dakota Bar & Grill.

So you already have your eyes set on the dish you want to order at a Greater Palm Springs Mexican restaurant, but you're not sure what is the best cocktail to accompany it. We've compiled a list of seven cocktails that act as great complements to your meal.


A lightly sweetened nonalcoholic drink made by steeping chufa, nuts, or grains in water.
Where to find it: Tac/Quila

Agua de Jamaica

Hibiscus iced tea prepared with dried hibiscus flowers, sugar, and water.
Where to find it: La Perlita Mexican Food


A refreshing cocktail that combines tequila, lime juice, and grapefruit soda.
Where to find it: La Tablita Restaurant


A cocktail made using tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, prepared frozen or on the rocks. Salted rim is optional.
Where to find it: El Mirasol

Ponche Navideño

Warm fruit punch served during the holiday season.
Where to find it: Hoja Blanca (seasonally)


A savory blend of beer, tomato juice, lime juice, and spices.
Where to find it: El Patio

Agua Fresca

A light beverage made by blending various fruits with water, and then adding sugar and fresh lime juice.
Where to find it: Salsa’s Restaurant