Michael Flannery – Vision 2021

His company, Flannery Exchange, offers mixed-use space in Palm Springs where residents and desert visitors can work, play, dine, and shop.

October 18, 2021
Story by Staff Report
michael flannery flannery exchange

Michael Flannery says of Flannery Exchange: “You can come in, work in the lounge, realize you need to have a couple of meetings, and rent an office.”

“The concept came from my love of travel and my use of flex space around the world,” Michael Flannery says of his company, Flannery Exchange, which offers mixed-use space where Greater Palm Springs residents and visitors can work, play, dine, and shop. “It allows you to be efficient and effective at work while traveling.”

Flannery, who transformed the once dowdy 1981 Bank of America building in the Uptown Design District into a vibrant modern space, shares that further motivation came from his interest in hosting his own employees in a visually inspiring and technologically appropriate location in order to grow his own business.

“We’re in the hospitality business, so we love hosting visitors and inspiring people with the properties that we manage as short-term rentals,” he says, “and this is kind of an extension of that.”

As office space has undergone a tremendous transformation since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people had a choice to work wherever they want. “So many people chose to work here,” Flannery says. “Our real estate’s on fire and vacancies are at a record low, residentially. People are here, and they’re working.”

It’s little wonder considering the amenities — which include Herman Miller chairs and VariDesk standing desks — and freedom from any long-term commitment. “You can come in, work in the lounge, realize you need to have a couple of meetings, and rent an office,” Flannery says. “We’re interested in the success of every member here.”

VIDEO: Michael Flannery chats about the motivation behind creating the Flannery Exchange.