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The year was 1999. Real estate agent Rob Kincaid and his partner, Rick Hutcheson, were among the many every-other-weekenders in town from the Bay Area when they bought their first house in Palm Springs — a 1959 Alexander in the Racquet Club Road Estates area — for $138,000. “Prices were starting to climb,” Kincaid says. “And at that time, our realtor told us we had missed all the good deals.” Cue the laugh that follows.
Anyone who has driven around picking up fliers in front of Palm Springs’ midcentury homes or who has scrolled through lists of two- and three-bedroom Alexanders on desertareamls.com knows that, in 2007, even a pricetag that doubles $138,000 would be an unheard of steal. Midcentury real estate has been hot as a backyard fire pit for a decade and shows no signs of cooling off. Kincaid’s love-at-first-shop feeling for the city and its architecture is a phenomenon that continues here every weekend of the year.

“We went from coming a couple weekends a month to every weekend,” he says. “Two years later, we had to move here because our hobby had become our business. By that time, we had 14 houses. The homes were 1225 square feet, but they felt twice the size because of the floor plans, height, indoor-outdoor appeal, clerestory windows to bring in light, and lot sizes. We started out as novice investors and we bet the farm on midcentury architecture as an investment — even though we didn’t have a farm to bet. It was a hypothesis and it panned out.” For many, it still does.

The famed shapes and sizes of the 1950s and ’60s homes don’t appeal to everyone in the Coachella Valley. But for those who have caught the fever, it’s tough to shake. We’ve asked three experts in the business to share their insights and their best advice on what’s available, how to spot a bargain, and why they believe a portfolio of midcentury homes — or just one gem — is one of the best investments around.

Meet Three Realtors Specializing in Palm Springs Mid-Century Real Estate:

Josiah Hamilton
Licensed Real Estate professional Josiah Hamilton with Vacation Palm Springs and Greater Palm Springs Realty are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of professional attention and customer service.

Allen Miller
Mid Century Modern is All the Rage – Allen’s real estate and development firm, Architectural Properties, fills a unique niche in the marketplace. Allen has always believed that "Buildings are art and their value is especially significant".

Rob Kincaid
Rob Kincaid, Palm Springs Real Estate Broker, and his team of knowledgable real estate experts offer attentive service, market expertise, insight and genuine knowledge of the Greater Palm Springs Desert area’s real estate opportunities.

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