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ASID Project Runway – March 23, 2010

ASID Project Runway - "Le Mode Araignee The Fashionable Spider"Linda Young & William Miller
Miller Young Design
"Le Mode Araignee The Fashionable Spider"
inspired by Spider II, 1995 – Louise Bourgeois

Clients say Bill Miller is a master at Contemporary Design and that Linda Young will master any design with an eye for beauty. At Miller Young Design talent, creativity and over 40 years of combined experience in interior design and interior architectural detailing along with a collaboration of ideas, skills and resources, are resulting in beautiful, natural environments that people call home.

Louise Bourgeois exaggerated beauty from natural form. Spider II (1995) is a part of a tribute to her family life. She speaks of her mother like a spider clever, protective, and helpful. Upon completion, the dress, gloves, hat along with accessories, make it evident that this ensemble was born of Ms. Bourgeois’ Spider, yet the ensemble is clearly Vintage in style and could have graced the wardrobes of the contemporaries of Louise Bourgeois born 1911.

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