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Mizell Center in Palm Springs has launched a capital campaign to raise funds to expand its kitchen to increase service to the senior ranks.

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mizell center

Mizell Center seeks to expand its 70+ year-old kitchen by nearly tripling the square footage.

Mizell Center has launched a capital campaign to raise funds to greatly expand its present kitchen. The expansion will enable the Palm Springs senior center to significantly serve more area seniors through its vital Meals on Wheels program.

The Kitchen Expansion Capital Campaign aims to raise $1.3 million to significantly enlarge the footprint of the current 70+ year-old kitchen space from 642 square feet to 1,776 square feet, incorporate energy-efficient appliances, and provide more space for the growing number of meals prepared in the kitchen each day.

An enlarged modern kitchen will enable Mizell Center to serve significantly more seniors and create more jobs and volunteer opportunities. By adding 1,134 square feet of workspace, the new kitchen will more than double the current meal preparation capacity for homebound clients and those who partake in communal meals at senior centers and senior living communities throughout the Coachella Valley.

A rendering shows use of the expanded space capabilities of the Mizell Center kitchen.
Architect Chris Mills, who designed the 1991 expansion of the building, has been hired to reimagine the space to meet today’s needs. The structure was originally built in 1951 and served as the Palm Springs Fire Station No. 2. The building served in that capacity until it was decommissioned and repurposed to be a community center, becoming the Mizell Center in 1991.

“We see the need and opportunity to expand and serve even more seniors in our community,” said Wes Winter, executive director. “More than a quarter of the Coachella Valley’s population are senior adults. Many of these residents go without daily nutrition essentials and needed social interaction. Mizell Center is committed to continuing to provide the nourishment seniors need throughout the Coachella Valley. Increasing our kitchen space will mean we are able to serve more meals, serve more people, and increase our overall community impact.”

The expansion also allow Mizell Center to increase its community impact, touch more lives, and serve more meals to more seniors than ever before. As the first senior center in the Coachella Valley, Mizell Center has been serving the greater Palm Springs community for more than 48 years.

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