monopoly palm springs

You Can Build the Monopoly Palm Springs Board Game

Coachella Valley residents can offer suggestions on points of interest to include in Monopoly Palm Springs, which is set to come out in spring 2022.

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monopoly palm springs

Palm Springs Mayor Christy Holstege stands with Mr. Monopoly in front of the "Forever Marilyn" statue on Aug. 17 after announcing  Monopoly Palm Springs is coming in Spring 2022.

Jennifer Tripsea gets it. As someone who puts visits to Palm Springs on her calendar every year, she understands why the city has recently been designated to receive its own localized version of the Monopoly game.

“It’s a gorgeous place. There is so much to do here,” says Tripsea, a California native who is a representative for Top Trumps, manufacturers of Monopoly Palm Springs under license from Hasbro.

Tripsea followed Palm Springs Mayor Christy Holstege, who stood in front of the Forever Maryilyn statue next to the Mr. Monopoly on Aug. 17 to officially make the announcement (see the VIDEO below). The game will be on shelves starting in the spring of 2022, but before then Tripsea made a request of Coachella Valley residents to send in their own ideas of what points of interest should be part of the Monopoly Palm Springs board.


Palm Springs Mayor Christy Holstege shoots some video as Mr. Monopoly makes his way to the announcement.

“We would love for everyone to send us their top recommendations of what they would like to see included on the board,” Tripsea says. “Everything from iconic landmarks, attractions, businesses, and events to your favorite places to stay, dine, shop, and play. We want everyone to get involved and make Monopoly Palm Springs yours.”

So instead of Boardwalk and Park Place, think Palm Canyon Drive and Tahquitz Canyon Way. “No suggestion is too small or big. We want everyone’s opinion,” Tripsea says.

There will also be customized “Community Chest” and “Chance” playing cards.


Mr. Monopoly strikes a pose with "Forever Marilyn".

You have until the end of September to email your suggestions to [email protected].

TopTrumps will return to Palm Springs next spring to unveil the game. Tripsea says cities that have been designated in the past relish the opportunity to create their own version.

“They love it. They absolutely love it,” she says. “This is a game for the cities. What better way like when you’re spending that time at home with family during the holidays to bust out your city game. As you are passing Go and collect $200, you can say. I shopped here, I know this spot, I’ve been here.”

Hasbro first introduced Monopoly in 1935 and since then the game has been played by more than 1 billion people. Today, it is played in 114 countries and enjoyed in over 47 different languages.