designer natalie myers

A Desert Chill

Designer Natalie Myers brings a High Desert palette to a new line of kitchen appliances.

Lisa Marie Hart Current Digital, Home & Design, Real Estate

designer natalie myers

Natalie Myers says her L.A. design clients request and respond to desert elements for their interiors. “I like to speak to a more neutral palette, so the desert is a constant source of inspiration for color and durable materials,” she says. “Anything that can withstand the desert will hold up in L.A.”

This month, retro appliance maker Big Chill launches four colors rooted in Mojave Desert nature. More than pretty swatches with boho appeal, these nostalgia-inducing ranges and refrigerators break with the austere scheme that has dominated the kitchen industry without significant rival for the last 20 years. Shades of Green Brown, Ochre Yellow, Beige, and Ivory — sourced in partnership with Los Angeles-based interior designer Natalie Myers — are the tranquil and toasty polar opposite of stainless steel.

After completing her daughter’s bedroom as a participant in the One Room Challenge, Myers sought to collaborate with online event sponsor Big Chill. Myers has a dichotomy of influence, living and working with one foot in the city and one in the desert. Her clients are concentrated in L.A., but she draws her palette from the terrain outside her Joshua Tree cabin.

“I looked around at the colors that define our property and the warm, golden light that is also crisp, not hazy or fuzzy. It’s that special light that brings so many artists here.”
— Natalie Myers, owner and principal of Veneer Designs


“The vernacular of the desert is inspiring in L.A. and far beyond, too,” Myers says. “A lot of my clients are very sentimental about the area. They got married here or vacationed after their baby was born. I actually bring in a lot of imagery and souvenirs from the desert to clients’ L.A. homes. I like to shop in Palm Springs and Yucca Valley for vintage pieces that have a patina and tell a story. Then, we take these colors and ideas and translate them for the L.A. home.”

Myers has honed a modern Scandifornian décor vibe, attracting enthusiasts to her style. The look blends an uncluttered, minimalist approach with soft touches of linen, jute, weathered woods, and vintage textiles. California’s natural colors, materials, and textures are her mainstay, as the Big Chill line reflects.


Four new appliance colors release in November from her collaboration with Big Chill.

“For any designer, it is always encouraging to find brands that share your values, mindset, and aesthetic and who also love and believe in what you do,” Myers says. “Big Chill supports forward-thinking design. It’s nice when you find a company you truly want to let your audience know about.”

After intense deliberation, Myers selected the Ivory fridge for her High Desert hideaway (which also serves as her “design test lab”). A Big Chill photo shoot will let consumers see one of the four new shades chilling out in a designer’s home.