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Lawrence Lazzaro and Nicholas Hertneck: Vision 2019

Partners, Nicholas Lawrence Design and Modern Hacienda.

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Nicholas Lawrence Interior Design
Lawrence Lazzaro and Nicholas Hertneck furnished the newly restored Cree House (The Forgotten Frey), which will be open for tours during this year’s Modernism Week.

“The desert has a rich legacy of being a design Mecca,” says Nicholas Hertneck, senior partner at Nicholas Lawrence Design. “There is an innovative design community here, and there are plenty of opportunities available to execute extraordinary projects in wonderful settings.”

He and fellow senior partner, Lawrence Lazzaro, have been traveling here and transforming desert homes for years before they put down roots. Their firm stands out for offering a signature style they call: Modern Hacienda, which Hertneck describes as: “a blending of iconic machine-age modern and contemporary furnishings surrounded by richly textured, organic architectural backgrounds.”

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So, it makes sense that they would name their store Modern Hacienda — a 6,000-square-foot retail store that features authentic midcentury furniture manufacturers including Herman Miller, Knoll, and Carl Hansen. “The showroom is a great local resource for other design firms and architects as well as homeowners,” Lazzaro says.

Nicholas Lawrence Design has been published in national magazines and most recently created a buzz with the high-profile project, the newly restored Cree House (aka: The Forgotten Frey) that they furnished for this year’s Modernism Week.

VIDEO: Lawrence Lazzaro and Nicholas Hertneck speak about their work at Nicholas Lawrence Design.