Lights at Indio Golf Course

Nighttime Is the 
Right Time

You’ve been out in the hot sun all day watching tennis, swimming in the resort pool, shopping, or looking at architecture. How about a little fun without the sun?

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Lights at Indio Golf Course
Enjoy the healing 
powers of the mineral-rich hot springs at Two Bunch Palms after an outdoor massage.
Lights at Indio Golf Course

Play in summer without fear of heatstroke, courtesy of the City of Indio. This is the only course in the Coachella Valley with lights. Tee times start at 7 a.m. and the last tee time is 
8 p.m. Hole length on the par-3 course ranges from 110 to 230 yards. You can also 
play footgolf (see Desert Willow Golf Resort).

Extra credit: One of the most popular Mexican restaurants in the Coachella Valley is the Pueblo Viejo Grill. If your round was more frustration than fun, maybe the vast tequila bar can soothe what ails you.

83040 Avenue 42, Indio.

Footgolf at Desert Willow Golf Resort

A combination of golf and soccer, footgolf offers two ways to feel like a klutz, but at least you get a cardio workout. You play with soccer balls and 21-inch-diameter holes, and rounds can range from 90 minutes to three hours. Dress code alert: no cleats allowed; knee-high socks recommended. Golf 
carts are available (but, come on!).

Extra credit:
You deserve a mile-high pastrami sandwich for your bravery. Get 
one at Sherman’s Deli in Palm Desert.

38995 Desert Willow Drive, Palm Desert.

Two Bunch Palms

This resort is built around the healing 
powers of the mineral-rich hot springs, 
which many people find rejuvenating. It 
was also featured in the film The Player.

Extra credit:
During your stay, visit 
Cabot Pueblo Museum in Desert Hot Springs. Its art and artifacts tell the story of Native American cultures. You can’t miss 
the Waokiye, a 43-foot sculpture of a 
Native American head carved from a 
section of a 45-ton giant sequoia.

67425 Two Bunch Palms Trail, Desert Hot Springs.

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