Palm Springs Studio Wants to Photograph Your Aura

Angelina Mortarotti, the owner of Soulglow Aura Studio, gives us the scoop on reading colors.

Marissa Kozma Health & Wellness

An aura self-portrait by Soulglow owner Angelina Mortarotti.

Anyone seeking spiritual enlightenment has likely been introduced to their aura — a combination of colors associated with a person’s changing energy fields. From deep violet to sunny yellow, the color of your aura says a lot about your personality and state of mind, according to Angelina Mortarotti, the owner of Soulglow Aura Studio in Palm Springs. Opened in January, the studio serves as a space for reiki healing, aura photography, sound baths, and other services that promote self-discovery and physical and mental well-being. 

How did you get involved with aura photography?

I was in corporate America for many years, working in fashion, and then it hit a point where there was a part of what I was doing that wasn’t fulfilling. So, I started exploring other things. That’s when I first started learning reiki. It was probably about 10 years ago now, and funnily enough, I wrote a report on auras when I was 13 years old. I was very much interested in these otherworldly things that we don’t necessarily understand. And then, I came full circle.

How does the camera work?

People are always curious, [asking] “What is this? Is it fake? Is it a filter?” Your energy is actually read from your hands, [using] an algorithm that shows your current energetic state. So, the technology is kind of similar to an activity tracker, but it’s not just a mood ring. It’s more of reading different lines of energy at different points in your hand and measuring heart rate and subtle vibrations.

That sounds intricate.

Yeah! I didn’t design the camera. There’s [only] a small number of [them] in the United States. Actually, I think there’s only about 30 [aura photographers] that use the same aura system. So, it is a very rare experience. The system that I use is the original aura design that was designed in 1970. So, it actually prints a little Polaroid. [At the studio], you get your printout of your aura right here on the spot.

Is every aura unique?

Every aura is unique, but I will see some similar patterns that emerge. I can look at certain auras and know, “Wow, with 95 percent certainty, you probably do healing work as a profession.” Other times, I see someone where it’s like, “You’ve been running yourself really thin right now.” I mean, I don’t view it as a negative thing, but I can just tell that it’s someone who needs a little rejuvenation. So, there are definitely certain patterns that show up, but at the same time, there is an infinite range of colors.

Are people nervous about sharing their aura with you?

People do get nervous. They’ll say “Oh, my gosh, what if my aura’s black?” But that’s not possible. That doesn’t happen. I always want to assure everyone [that] the aura doesn’t reveal any of your secrets or anything negative. It’s just energy, and it shows where we’re at. If dark green shows up in a photo, that can be an indication of someone going through a difficult time, usually involving loss, where they maybe have lost a parent or a loved one, or maybe they’re going through a divorce. Things like that will show up.

What’s the most common color that you see, and what does it symbolize?

It changes a lot, and it’s really funny. I did portraits for a wedding where the bride was Indian and there were many traditional Indian aunts and uncles that were present. Almost everyone at that wedding had a violet aura, which signifies a lot of spirituality and a higher consciousness. But it was such a disproportionate amount of purple and violet that showed up to what normally comes up. So, sometimes you’ll see these trends within spiritual groups or within a close group of friends. But I feel like I do see red a lot. Red’s a very action-oriented color, so it’s [typically seen around] people who tend to be on the go, very driven, or people that just have a lot of stuff going on.

Do you mind sharing your current aura?

I’m usually pretty consistent. I have a lot of yellow, which signifies joyfulness and optimism.

Why do people typically come in to get an aura reading? Is it mostly for fun or more for inner searching?

It’s really a broad spectrum. Some people come across me, and they’re like, “Oh, this is cool.” But then a lot of people come in because they’re actually seeking this out. A lot of people don’t necessarily understand that your aura can and does change with different life events. I actually have a lot of repeat clients who want to do an aura check-in. We also offer before and after pictures. So, you can see how a [reiki or sound bath] healing session has shifted your aura, too