Paradise Road Show

Paradise Road Show Brings Choppers and Hot Rods to the Desert

We chat with co-founder Adri Law ahead of the vintage car and motorcycle show, Jan. 27–29, 2023, at Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs.

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Paradise Road Show


Against an unrivaled backdrop of palm trees and midcentury architecture, Paradise Road Show brings together motorcycle builders and owners, hot rod enthusiasts, and lovers of all things vintage for a weekend of “wholehearted, wholesome fun.” 

Launched by friends Lana MacNaughton (33), Adri Law (32), and Chase Stopnik (37) in 2016, the Palm Springs event expanded last year with a spinoff in Nashville. “Every year the event grows so much,” Law enthuses. “We are expecting up to 4,000 people to pass through the event this year.” 

Join the crowds Jan. 27–29 at the Ace Hotel & Swim Club in Palm Springs to scope out award-winning rides, jam to live music, and pick up some retro swag. Here, Law gives us the scoop on this year’s happenings. 

What’s Paradise Road Show all about?
We wanted to showcase daily drivers and riders alongside show cars and bikes to celebrate everyone who loves and appreciates the old stuff, and those who actually use and ride them. The show is curated and brings out some cool people who own amazing things. Whether its bikes, cars, or vintage goods, we have it all. 

Why Palm Springs? 

Palm Springs was a no-brainer. It’s a place that understands
the importance and appreciation of vintage everything. We held our first Paradise Road Show in Nashville this past year at The Dive Motel — that was a huge success, and we definitely plan on doing that again, too. 

What’s the crowd like? 

We love that our show reaches people of all ages. But it was important for us to cater our event toward people our own age, which is typically a much younger crowd than you would find at traditional car shows. 

Adri Law

Adri Law poses in her 1965 Ford Ranchero. 

What goes into hosting an event of this size?
Oh man, it has so many moving parts, and it takes a village! It’s two women — my partner and I — organizing the event together from two different states.

We have a great team that helps us on the ground at the event; that’s crucial to have it running smoothly. We have to sort out vendors, sponsors, entertainment, logistics, rentals, merchandise, art direction, production, working with the hotel, staff, security, then chase around the motorcycle and car people to make sure they buy their registration after they submit their vehicles. I assure you, it never ends.

What else do you do while you’re in town? Relax! I really love to spend an extra day or two in town after the event to just chill. The Villa Royale is really nice and relaxing, and the Ace can be, too. Nature’s Health Food & Café is one of my favorite spots to eat.