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Patrick Harrington offers readings at Crystal Fantasy in Palm Springs.



Psychic Medium Crystal Fantasy
268 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs

Third-generation psychic-medium Patrick Harrington was only 6 years old when he discovered he had the gift. Visiting a flame-ravaged house being renovated by one of his uncles in his native upstate New York, he met another child and chatted her up. When he returned home to tell his mother about his new friend, he was informed that the little girl had long ago perished in the fire.

“But she looked real as life to me,” says Harrington as we sit at Crystal Fantasy, a gift shop, gallery, and enlightenment center on North Palm Canyon Drive. “The only difference between me and Long Island Medium’s Theresa Caputo is that she has a hit TV show.”

Harrington generously shared his clairvoyant powers throughout his youth and long career as a radio and network news reporter. Upon retiring to the desert, he found a forever home at Crystal Fantasy, where the 63-year-old happily volunteers, offering readings and accepting donations. He works in a broad range of modalities, including palmistry, mediumship, psychic scanning, and angel oracle card readings.

The longtime Palm Springs resident, who has scores of stories like that of the upstate apparition, last year happened upon someone who had named his son after him. When Harrington asked why, the man said Harrington had done a reading for his wife and urged her to tell her father to see a doctor immediately. A colonoscopy revealed the elder relative was suffering from cancer. He received treatment and recovered completely.

“I’m not here to save the whole world,” maintains Harrington, “but I do offer a worthwhile service.”

patrick recommends:

“I love Spencer’s Restaurant [in Palm Springs]. It’s my favorite spot for lunch or dinner with friends or celebrity clients."