pet summer safety

Summer Pet Safety

Palm Springs Animal Shelter executive director Dan Rossi offers advice on what’s the best way to keep your pet cool during the summer.

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pet summer safety

It’s hot out there! So, we asked Palm Springs Animal Shelter executive director Dan Rossi for some advice: What’s the best way to keep four-legged friends cool but still active and entertained in the heat? The no-kill city shelter advocates for the humane treatment of animals and offers spay/neuter, vaccine, and adoption services.

(Full disclosure: The editor and the art director of this publication are each proud parents of fur children rescued from PSAS.) Last year, the shelter helped 2,204 animals find a new forever home and reunited 315 with their guardians.


Dan Rossi (right) with his husband, Ed Garofolo, and their dogs, Bernie, Petey, Callie, and Oreo.

Keep Calm, Chew On

“On days when the temperature is over 90 degrees, it’s best to keep your pet inside and provide mentally stimulating games and puzzles to keep them busy and happy. These can be found at any pet store, and [interactive chew] toys like Kongs can be frozen with yummy treats to keep a pet occupied for hours indoors.”

Gear Up

“Carry supplies anytime you go outside with your pet, including lots of water [and] a collapsible water bowl. Use an insulated bag to carry ice chips as treats to keep internal body temperature down. Buy some booties to protect paws from the brutally hot pavement. Always use the back of your hand to feel the pavement — if it feels too hot to your hand, it’s too hot for a pet’s paws.”

Let Them Tag Along

“Take advantage of dog-friendly businesses that have air-conditioned spaces. Take your pet with you while you run errands at these businesses, but never leave a pet in the car alone under any circumstances.”

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