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Work It from Home

Australian Peter Walsh, who has spent his life decluttering homes on TV and earned a callout from Oprah, gives three tips on working from home.

Derrik J. Lang Current Guide, Home & Design

work from home palm springs


Australian organizing guru Peter Walsh, whom Oprah Winfrey once declared the “Get Your Whole Life Organized Guy,” has spent his career decluttering homes on TV. When not Down Under, the author of Let It Go: Downsizing Your Way to a Richer, Happier Life and his partner, Ken Greenblatt, call Palm Springs home. (Their recently renovated haven is known as The Lear House because it was built for Learjet founder Bill Lear.) With more folks WFH 
than ever, Walsh offers three ways to streamline the experience.

Border Lines

“If you’re working from home, establish clear times of the day that you’re at work. If you’re no longer commuting, plan a different kind of transition activity, such as taking a walk, reading a newspaper, having a glass of wine, or meditating. We need those buffers to delineate between when it’s work and when it’s good to use our homes to relax.”

Double Duty

“If you’re using a common area as your workspace, make sure you can pack all of your work items up at the end of the day and store them neatly and efficiently.



A rolling cart is one good idea. Leaving your paperwork out all day doesn’t let you fully relax when it’s time to be at home.”

Get Lit

“Whether you’re stuck on lots of video conference calls or just working on your computer, good lighting makes a huge difference. Save your eyes and reduce the stress by making sure you’re well lit. Lighting is relatively inexpensive and is very important.”

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